from JAN 23rd to JAN 30th

GRanguanche road

'GranGuanche Audax Road is a self-supported, single-stage, fixed-route, ultra-cycling event across the Canary Islands. It’s a collective adventure and a challenge to finish the route. (...) It’s a demanding route for experienced riders as it includes serious climbs, high mountains, and remote areas. (...) The event follows the GranGuache ROAD route from Lanzarote to La Gomera'.

from JAN 23rd to FEB 05th

tour te waipounamu

'The Tour Te Waipounamu is an opportunity for adventure; a chance to challenge ourselves with a seemingly impossible task and to discover who we are and what we are capable of. In its purest form it is a solo event, testing your resolve and resourcefulness and your capabilities. (…) In riding the 1300km of the route you will discover the incredible diversity of the landscape of Te Waipounamu'.

from MAR 19th to MAR 25th

race around rwanda

'The Race around Rwanda (RaR) is an ultra endurance cycling event that leads contestants over a spectacular route around the beautiful Rwandan countryside. It is a self supported, single stage race covering almost 1.000 kilometers and 17.000 meters of elevation gain. About 40% of the race will be gravel roads, the rest is raced on perfect tarmac'.

from MAR 19th to MAR 31st


'GranGuanche Audax Gravel is a self-supported, single-stage, fixed-route, ultra-cycling event across the Canary Islands. It’s a collective adventure and a challenge to finish the route. (...) It’s a demanding route for experienced riders as it includes serious climbs, high mountains, and remote areas. (...) The Audax follows the GranGuache GRAVEL route from Lanzarote to El Hierro'.

from MAY 15th to MAY 21st


'A new gravel challenge is about to come! Incredible journey from Ljubljana to Trieste through the most beautiful paths of Slovenia and Croatia. Unsupported bikepacking challenge. 800km x 15.000 from Ljubljana to Trieste through Croatian islands by gravel and secondary roads'. 7 Control Points: Sveta Trojica Mountain, Guslica, Village of Krk, Village of Cres, Vojak Peak, Sečovlje Saltworks, Slavnik Peak.

from MAY 20th


'Kromvojoj is a personal project of four long-distance cycling enthusiasts. Our aim is to offer a unique experience, immersing the participants in the local territory and sharing the values that define ultra-distance cycling in self-sufficiency modality. We believe Catalonia has a wealth of landscapes connected by an extensive network of alternative routes, which also bring us closer to historical and cultural places'. 

from MAY 21st to MAY 27th


'Adventure-cycling challenge across Portugal in one-stage. The route starts in the Center of the most southwestern country of Europe and finishes in the most southwestern region: Algarve. Along the on-road set route with approximately 1.000K and 16.000M of climbing, ultracyclists will face the diversity of the Portuguese landscapes heading the Atlantic Ocean. The adventure starts in Coimbra'.

from MAY 29th to JUN 02nd

mittelgebirge classique

'The given route of the first edition of MittelgebirgeClassique will lead the participants over around 40 mountain passes in the Palatinate Forest, Black Forest and in the Vosges. The route is completely paved and can therefore be easily tackled by road bike. The highest passes in the Palatinate reach around 600m, in the Black Forest and the Vosges the passes rise to over 1400m'.

from JUN 03rd to JUN 13th

trans balkan race

'The Trans Balkan Race is an off-road unsupported bikepacking race across the Balkans. Equipped with a GPS, you will follow a track that will take you through the most stunning National Parks of the Dinaric Alps, crossing Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. (...) It's up to you to decide how to tackle the route, choosing when and where to eat, and where and when to sleep'.

from AUG 12th to AUG 21st

carpathian arch race

'It is a road bike race starting in Cluj Napoca (Romania), following the mountains and finishing in Bratislava (Slovakia). The start is in Apuseni mountains - Transylvania - which belongs to the Western Romanian Carpathians. More than 2,500 km,. The race is an unsupported, all the participants must to follow the route, passing the check points, planning the luggage, the sleeping time, the power and strength'.

from JUL 30th to AUG 04th


'Basajaun is together with Badlands the ultimate unassisted gravel event in Europe. With a route of 760km and + 15,000m, it shows the most extreme contrasts between the green of the wildest forests in Europe, the plains and the deserts next to huge mountains in both the Pyrenees and the Sierra de la Demanda, with a continental climate and heights above 2,000m. 75% off-road'.

from AUG 27th to AUG 30th

ride across girona

'It is the challenge of touring Girona province, the world’s leading destination for road cycling, home and training hub for UCI World Tour cyclists, amateur cyclists and bike lovers. It's ultra-distance, self-sufficiency, challenge, high mountain, Pyrenees, mid-mountain, volcanoes, Mediterranean Sea, Costa Brava, Cap de Creus, Empordà plains, gastronomy, culture, secondary roads, people and tradition'.

from SEP 30th to OCT 03rd

istra land

'There's a huge novelty on the bikepacking panorama: the 1st edition of ISTRALAND! Be ready for a bike adventure that will unveil the secrets of the three colors of Istria County: White Istria, as the limestones around the mountain peaks; Grey (or Yellow) Istria, as the fertile inner lands; and Red Istria, as the clayey land near the coastline. We designed a thrilling 500 km route that will never cease to amaze you'.

from NOV 27th to DEC 03rd


'Across Andes es la primera carrera en vivo de ultraciclismo, gravel y bikepacking, que recorre los lugares más extremos del mundo. Acepta el desafío de cruzar la cordillera de los Andes entre Chile y Argentina. 1.100 Kms. 15.000 Mts. Edición Araucanía Andina, cruza los mágicos bosques de araucarias milenarias y bordea los lagos más cristalinos de la Patagonia Andina'.

*The number and diversity of adventure-cycling events around the world is (fortunately) almost endless. We selected races/events following minimalism as a tool (max. 50 events per year). We respect the work, effort and passion developed by all organizers, but we are guided by some principles (check out HERE)Events in italics fail (according to our perspective) in terms of communication and access to information/data (generally, didn't publish results of past events on their websites). We list them for their undeniable importance on the international calendar.

Events highlighted with photos are inaugural editions and/or events outside of Europe.

LAST UPDATE: 01st March 2022.

Photos Credits: GranGuanche Audax Road: by Michal Mrozek on Unsplash; Tour Te Waipounamu by AR on Unsplash; Race Around Rwanda by Rowan Simpson on Unsplash; GranGuanche Audax Gravel by GranGuanche Route. Seven Serpents Gravel by Seven Serpents Gravel. Kromvojoj by Tomás Montes/@arrieredupeloton; Heading SouthWest by Pedro Silva on Unsplash; MittelgebirgeClassique by MittelgebirgeClassique; Basajaun by Transiberica Club; Carpathian Arch Race by Cristian Airinei on Unsplash; Ride Across Girona by Tarmac Ways. Trans Balkan Race & Istra Land by Exploro. Across Andes by Across Andes; Header by Marek Piwnicki on Unspash.