'Southwest' 2023 ROUTE

In the mid-XX century, the geographer Orlando Ribeiro developed the first in-depth study on territorial conditions and society in mainland Portugal. He identified two opposite realities in terms of geomorphology, climate and social organization. In the North the Oceanic Climate prevails and in the South the Mediterranean/Semi-Desert Climate. These conditions and the different geological elements have shaped - over time - the diversity of cultural heritage that remains today. The Central System Mountain Range and the Tagus river divide the two realities. The name of Orlando Ribeiro’s masterpiece is precisely: ‘Portugal, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic’.

'Heading SouthWest' 2023 route was designed to explore the diversity of Portuguese landscapes and cultural heritages. From the mountains in the ‘transition zone’ to the hills and “plains” in Alentejo, heading the ocean surroundings in Algarve. This is a set route event: 99% on-road and 1% smooth gravel/sterrato. A road bike with 28mm tyres is perfectly okay to face the cobblestones and gravel sections.