ROAD TO SW'23 #0

Dear SouthWesterner, the preparation for an ultracycling and bikepacking event could be a lonely experience. Although autonomy and independence are valuable characteristics that are developed throughout this journey, the hundreds of kilometers solo and hours of training can be particularly challenging. The 'Road to SouthWest' newsletter has precisely the purpose of helping to make this experience more collective - a space for sharing. The purpose of this issue zero is precisely to know more about you (background, expectations, goals). We count on you! We are the SouthWest 2023 community.

INSPIRE | Pau Wong AND Moey Chen Lim

Those who participated in the inaugural edition of SouthWest will certainly not forget this duo from Malaysia. Pau and Moey live in London and took advantage of their participation in Heading SouthWest 2022 to have a in-deepth cultural experience in Portugal. They arrived a few days before the start and tried everything there was to taste of the national cuisine. From the typical codfish dishes to the typical summer Sunday afternoon routine: snails and beer. Of course, they tried our best dessert: Nata (Portuguese custard tarts)! We also have nice vegan food.

The truth is that traditional Portuguese dishes worked perfectly as fuel and the duo Pau Wong and Moey Chen Lim completed the route - with approximately 1,000 kilometers and 16,000 meters of climbing - in 4 days and 14 hours! They were the second fastest pair - of the five that participated in our inaugural edition - and just a few hours after the fastest pair (Kika Castro and Filipe Pinto).

We will never forget the participation of this Asian duo, with their contagious smile and white shirts (which arrived in Alte immaculate). Pau and Moey are proof that what really matters is what makes you feel more comfortable. Be yourself!


SouthWest BaseCamp was created with the goal of include cyclists and bikepackers who prefer a shorter and more relaxed experience. It will take place over the 'long weekend' from April 29th to May 1st. The route - with 300 kilometers and 7,000 meters of climbing - will be circular and with departure/arrival in Lousã village. The route will explore the Schist and Historic Villages of the Central System Mountains. There are sections that coincide with the Heading SouthWest route, but 90% of the route will go through unprecedented and remote territories. It is a 0% competitive experience and without any self-supported rules. The idea is precisely to promote a group experience - with a pace of two days and another of three.


see you soon!