'Heading SouthWest' is an adventure cycling and bikepacking experience. The seek for the true essence of cycling. We believe that the self-supported approach fits perfectly with the adventure cycling spirit. This isn't about how far you can go, but how deep is your experience. Instead of rules, we prefer to see this minimalist list as a manifesto:

1 | RESPECT THE LOCAL TRAFFIC RULES, THE COMMUNITIES AND THE ENVIRONMENT: We are a community who wants to build a positive legacy. The way you behave will shape how society and institutions will look to ultracycling and long-distance cyclists.

2 | RIDE THE ROUTE, RIDE SAFE & ENJOY: You can see the route designer as an artist and the route as a piece of art. Trust in it and let yourself go. You can leave the route temporarily (for accommodation, water & food, WC, tourism, etc), but then return in the same exact point. The GPS live tracking shows your geographical position on the route and your tracker should always be on. Personal cycling insurance covering protection and civil liability is mandatory. 

3 | NO THIRD-PARTY SUPPORT: This is about your personal experience and challenging your own limits. So make no sense to receive help from your family or friends with food, accommodation or mechanical support (riders in the duo category can help each other). Sum up, you should use the commercial services available for all riders. If you have a mechanical problem you should solve it by your own. If you can’t solve it, you can use the commercial mechanical services available.

4 | NO DRAFTING: You can not follow other participants, cyclists or vehicles for aerodynamical advantages.

5 | USE YOUR OWN ENERGY: Just you and your bicycle - the greatest transport invention of all time.