at last lost | Book your spot

  • You can already take an important step to join 'At Last Lost'. Applications will open on February 1, 2023. However, we are aware that a significant number of ultra/adventurers riders are already planing the next season. We want to help you to get lost, but only during the event. Until September 2 2023 we are here to help you planning the next season and to reach 2023 goals.
  • Filling out the form bellow will allow you to reserve your spot. Means that during the first week of February you will be able to complete your registration/confirm your participation. If you change your plans, it's everything still okay and you will not blacklisted. Someone will take the slot.
  • To 'book your spot' is free. You only need to pay the participation fee in February. The price will be similar to the average value of ultra events. 
  • This isn't a step or mandatory procedure for the registration in February. Pre-registration will cover (maximum) 50% of the total slots. 
  • We will send you a confirmation email within the next 48 hours. If you don't receive our confirmation email, please contact us via [email protected]