'At Last Lost' is a self supported and adventure cycling challenge in which - in loco - route planning and navigation skills play a determinant role. The game changer: you will only know the location of the next Check Point when you reach the previous one. The boundaries of the territory of 'ALL 2023' are the North of Portugal, marked by beautiful landscapes and with a mountainous profile, as well as a significant density of roads. The perfect cocktail to get lost. Your route will probably take you on a journey of around 1.000-1.250 kilometers and 17.500-20.000 meters of climbing. The adventure starts in Aveiro - the 'Portuguese Venice' - on September 2 2023 and finishes wherever you may roam. 

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HoW it works?

  • This is a self-supported challenge: no help from your family/friends with info, food, accommodation or mechanical support.
  • No drafting: you can not follow other participants, cyclists or vehicles for aerodynamical advantages.
  • You already know the departure point: Aveiro, Portugal (around 1 hour away from Porto by train).
  • A few hours before the departure - during the briefing - we will share the parcour/set route between the departure point and Check Point 1 (CP1).
  • After the CP1 is totally free route and heading the unknown: in CP1 you will know the location (coordinates) of the CP2, in CP2 you will know the location of CP3 and so on...
  • The CPs are located in remote and unfamiliar areas. So being a local rider won't necessarily be an advantage.
  • The basic principle: if you decided to get lost, you will get lost. So make no sense to inform other participants about the CP locations, neither ask for information from the outside.
  • The slowest riders will have an idea - via live tracking and map - about the location of the CPs. You can see it as an opportunity of the last riders to balance the 'game'. If you don't want to have an idea of the locations, don't check the live map.
  • What you only need to know about the last CP/finish point: it will allow you to get back to Aveiro without a significant effort.
  • A road bike will allow you to go faster, but a gravel or mtb bike will allow you to use "shortcuts". Your route, your bike.


The departure point: Aveiro

The 'Portuguese Venice' is a medium-sized city located close to the coast. Just an hour from from Porto by train. It's a vibrant city and the emerging urban cycling initiatives are playing a role model in Portuguese mobility scene. 

Why north of Portugal?

  • We are playing at home: so trust in us and let yourself go.
  • The perfect territory to test your route planning and navigation skills: a dense network of roads (too many options).
  • Plus a challenging geography: a mountainous region in which the valleys aren't easy to identify and can work as traps.
  • Despite the free route/check points approach, we designed it to avoid high car traffic spots.
  • Beautiful landscapes/villages and remote areas wherever the path you decide to take.
  • The great quality of the 'riders' fuel': delicious and caloric typical food/dishes.
  • The North has a particular sense of identity within Portugal, so a special sociocultural experience is guaranteed.

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there. (Lewis Carrol)

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